Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)


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Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

Designed to cater to the needs of busy practitioners, ‘Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)‘ is a concise and compact guide that offers comprehensive coverage of key pulmonology conditions and diagnoses encountered in daily clinical practice.

This pocket-sized resource addresses a wide range of non-neoplastic conditions, including infections, granulomatous diseases, acute lung injury, idiopathic interstitial pneumonias, vasculitis, histiocytoses, lung pathology in systemic diseases, transplant-related lung pathology, and miscellaneous non-neoplastic conditions.

Additionally, Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides) covers neoplastic entities such as benign epithelial neoplasia, pre-invasive neoplasia, various types of carcinoma, neuroendocrine neoplasia, mesenchymal neoplasia, lymphoproliferative disorders, pleural tumors, metastatic tumors, and tumor-like conditions.

With a bulleted format and accompanying illustrations for quick information retrieval, this guide is an invaluable reference for pulmonary pathology residents and a portable refresher course for experienced pathologists.

Part of the Demos Surgical Pathology Guides series, it serves as an essential knowledge base for pathologists in their daily practice, emphasizing core entities and diagnoses.

Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

1.2.Key Features

The key features of “Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)” are as follows:

  1. Concise and Portable: Designed for busy practitioners, this book is pocket-sized and pithy, providing a quick and easy-to-carry reference for pulmonologists and pathologists.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides) covers a wide range of pulmonology entities, both non-neoplastic and neoplastic, ensuring that all relevant conditions encountered in daily practice are addressed.
  3. Bulleted Format: The information is presented in a clear and concise bulleted format, facilitating rapid information retrieval and making it suitable for quick reference during clinical encounters.
  4. Illustrations: Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides) includes illustrations to complement the text, aiding in the visual understanding of various pulmonary conditions.
  5. Suitable for All Levels: It serves as a valuable resource for pathology residents as well as experienced pathologists, offering a comprehensive overview for learners and a portable refresher for practitioners.
  6. Part of Demos Surgical Pathology Guides Series: This book is part of a series that focuses on key specialty areas of surgical pathology, providing essential knowledge that pathologists need in their daily practice.
Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

Pulmonary Pathology

1.3. About Writer

Dr. R. Rao, MD, is a distinguished author renowned for expertise in the field of pathology, with a specific focus on pulmonary pathology.

Dr. Rao’s contributions to the medical literature include extensive research and clinical insights into various pulmonary conditions, making him an authoritative figure in this specialized area.

Dr. Cesar Moran, MD, is another accomplished author whose work is pivotal in the field of pathology.

With a particular emphasis on thoracic and genitourinary pathology, Dr. Moran’s research and publications have significantly enriched the understanding and diagnosis of various diseases in these domains.

Saul Suster, MD, serves as the series editor for the Demos Surgical Pathology Guides. His role as editor reflects his expertise and dedication to the field of surgical pathology.

Dr. Suster has contributed significantly to the dissemination of essential knowledge in pathology through this series, benefitting both learners and practitioners in the field.

Collectively, their contributions have advanced the field of pathology and have been instrumental in enhancing medical education and practice in the domain of surgical pathology.

Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)

Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides)


Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides),” authored by Drs. R. Rao and Cesar Moran and edited by Saul Suster, is a concise and portable guide tailored for busy practitioners, particularly pulmonologists and pathologists.

This pocket-sized resource provides comprehensive coverage of key pulmonary conditions, both non-neoplastic and neoplastic, encountered in daily clinical practice.

Presented in a bulleted format with accompanying illustrations, the book facilitates quick information retrieval and serves as a valuable reference during clinical encounters.

Suitable for pathology residents and experienced pathologists alike, it offers a comprehensive overview of pulmonary pathology.

As part of the Demos Surgical Pathology Guides series, Pulmonary Pathology (Demos Surgical Pathology Guides) ensures that practitioners have access to essential knowledge in the field of surgical pathology, emphasizing core entities and diagnoses for improved patient care and diagnostic accuracy.

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