Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)


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Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual stands as a groundbreaking resource, offering a comprehensive exploration of electrophysiology techniques and their applications in understanding and treating arrhythmias.

The manual is structured into two sections, with the first covering the fundamental aspects of electrophysiology, including diagnostics, imaging, and therapeutic ablation.

The second section consists of twenty patient case studies, providing real-world scenarios to apply electrophysiological knowledge and plan invasive procedures effectively.

Each case chapter includes a question and answer section to facilitate learning and retention. Illustrated with full-color images of electrograms, imaging, and anatomical dissections, this manual fills a crucial gap in electrophysiology literature, serving as a valuable reference for students and practitioners alike.

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

1.2.Key Features

The key features of the “Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual” include:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: This manual provides a thorough exploration of electrophysiology techniques, covering the basics of device placement, recording, measurement, diagnosis, imaging, and physiology-based therapeutic ablation.
  2. Case-Based Learning: The book presents twenty patient case studies, offering real-world scenarios for applying electrophysiological knowledge, planning procedures, and enhancing clinical decision-making skills.
  3. Rich Visuals: It includes full-page color images of intracardiac electrograms, fluoroscopic images, ultrasound images, advanced mapping, and correlated anatomic dissections, aiding in the understanding of electrophysiological concepts.
  4. Authoritative Resource: Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual serves as a single authoritative guide and quick reference for clinicians, students, researchers, and experts in electrophysiology, consolidating information from various sources into one comprehensive volume.
  5. Online Access: Purchasers of the manual receive 12 months of free online access, ensuring easy and convenient reference to the content.
  6. Emphasis on Application: The book focuses on practical applications of electrophysiology, helping clinicians integrate techniques into their daily practice.
Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual

1.3. About Writer

Dr. Samuel J. Asirvatham is a highly accomplished physician and author in the field of electrophysiology.

He currently serves as a Consultant in the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and the Department of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

Dr. Asirvatham is renowned for his expertise in cardiac electrophysiology, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

He is a prolific researcher and has contributed significantly to the advancement of electrophysiological knowledge.

Dr. Asirvatham has authored numerous research papers, book chapters, and books in the field of electrophysiology, making him a respected figure in the medical community.

His dedication to education is evident through his role as a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, where he imparts his knowledge to future generations of physicians.

Dr. Asirvatham’s achievements extend beyond his clinical and educational roles.

He has been recognized with several awards and honors for his contributions to the field, solidifying his reputation as a leading expert in electrophysiology.

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)

Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press)


The “Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Manual” is a comprehensive and pioneering guide to the field of electrophysiology, offering a detailed exploration of the electrical activity of biological cells and tissues, as well as the techniques employed in electrophysiological studies.

This manual presents a case-based approach, using real patient scenarios to illustrate contemporary diagnostic, imaging, and therapeutic ablation techniques.

Divided into two sections, it covers the fundamentals of electrophysiology, including device placement, measurement, diagnosis, and ablation, followed by twenty case studies of adult and pediatric arrhythmias.

Each case study provides in-depth insights and includes question-and-answer sections to aid understanding and retention.

With abundant full-color images and a focus on integrating techniques into clinical practice, this manual serves as an invaluable resource for students, clinicians, researchers, and experts in the field of electrophysiology.

It consolidates complex information into a single authoritative guide, bridging knowledge gaps and facilitating a deeper understanding of this emergent specialty.

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