Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)


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Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

Histology at a Glance is a newly introduced resource designed to offer a clear, visually rich introduction to the intricate world of cell science, structure, function, and related pathology.

This invaluable guide aids readers in mastering the fundamental principles of identifying histological features with ease. The book adeptly combines concise explanations with exceptional illustrations, making it an indispensable tool for understanding the composition of tissues in various body systems.

It also provides practical insights into microscopy techniques, from sample preparation to magnification, and offers valuable hints and tips for recognizing histological features and overcoming common challenges.

Self-assessment questions facilitate learning and recognition, while the author’s dedicated histological website supplements the content with additional samples and guidance.

Histology at a Glance is an essential companion for medical, dentistry, and biomedical science students, as well as junior doctors, and supports independent histology learning programs effectively.

Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

1.2.Key Features

The key features of “Histology at a Glance” are as follows:

  1. Visual Emphasis: Histology at a Glance excels in combining text and images, providing a visually rich learning experience. Complex histological concepts are explained with clarity and accompanied by superb illustrations.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: “Histology at a Glance” spans all major body systems and delves into the components of tissues within these systems, ensuring a thorough understanding of histology across the human body.
  3. Practical Insights: Practical information on microscopy, including sample preparation and magnification techniques, is provided, making it a valuable resource for those learning to work with histological specimens.
  4. Guidance for Recognition: The book offers valuable hints and tips to assist readers in recognizing specific features in histological specimens. It addresses common difficulties that learners may encounter in the field.
  5. Self-Assessment: Self-assessment questions are included to help test and reinforce learning, enabling readers to assess their progress and understanding.
  6. Online Resources: Histology at a Glance is complemented by the author’s histological website, which provides additional tips, samples, and resources for an enhanced learning experience.
  7. Versatile Audience: “Histology at a Glance” caters to a broad audience, including medical, dentistry, and biomedical science students, as well as junior doctors. It is also well-suited for independent histology learning programs.
Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

Histology at a Glance

1.3. About Writer

Michelle Peckham is a distinguished author and researcher known for her outstanding contributions to the field of cell biology, with a particular focus on the molecular and structural aspects of cell motility and muscle contraction.

With a background in biology and biochemistry, Peckham has dedicated her career to unraveling the intricate mechanisms that govern cellular movement and muscle function.

Throughout her career, Michelle Peckham has authored numerous research papers and educational materials, shedding light on the fascinating world of cellular and muscle biology.

Her work has significantly advanced our understanding of the molecular underpinnings of muscle contraction and has implications for various fields, including physiology and medical science.

Peckham’s commitment to science education and research has left a lasting impact, making her a respected figure in the scientific community.

Her publications continue to serve as valuable resources for students, researchers, and professionals alike, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the realm of cell biology and muscle physiology.

Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)

Histology at a Glance (Original PDF from Publisher)


Histology at a Glance ” by Michelle Peckham offers a concise and accessible exploration of the science of cells, their structure, functions, and related pathology.

This book is designed to provide a clear and unambiguous introduction to the complex world of cellular biology, making it an ideal resource for both students and healthcare professionals.

With a focus on essential principles and histological recognition, the book combines clear explanations with illustrative images. It covers the major body systems and offers practical insights into microscopy techniques.

Self-assessment questions aid in learning and recognition, and Histology at a Glance is complemented by an author’s website providing additional resources.

“Cell Biology: A Short Course” is a valuable tool for mastering the fundamentals of cell biology and histology.

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