Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)








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Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)


Presenting a wealth of updated and high-quality evidence across medical, nursing, and allied health disciplines, “Cuidados perioperatorios” is a comprehensive resource tailored for the adult surgical patient’s perioperative journey.

This exemplary work harmonizes the dimensions of quality management, physiology, and pathophysiology, fostering secure patient care within the perioperative process.


The text is enriched by its incorporation of specialized care for unique adult populations, such as those with chronic illnesses and older adults.

Offering invaluable insights, the book guides readers on effectively seeking biomedical information and understanding informed consent and professional responsibility.


Cuidados perioperatorios” adeptly encompasses the foundational, clinical, and managerial aspects applicable to the entire adult surgical patient’s perioperative trajectory.

This work imparts robust knowledge for decision-making, underpinning interdisciplinary and protocol-driven teamwork grounded in contemporary, high-quality evidence.


Notably, this is the sole publication written by Latin American professionals that seamlessly integrates medical and nursing practice, kinesiology, nutrition, and allied specialties within the sphere of perioperative care.

The continuum of pre-, intra-, and post-operative care is meticulously examined, with an emphasis on quality, care safety, patient well-being, user experience, and healthcare team synergy.

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)


This work stands to elevate the expertise of anesthetists, surgical specialists, interventional procedure experts, and surgical nursing, kinesiology, nutrition, and psychology professionals alike.

Cuidados perioperatorios” has been meticulously crafted with contributions from esteemed authors from Chile and Spain, boasting profound scientific education and clinical experience.

The authors’ holistic perspectives from their respective disciplines converge to champion perioperative care as a seamless continuum, all with the overarching aim of delivering the utmost quality, safety, and well-being to the surgical patient.



1.2.Key Features

Cuidados perioperatorios” encompasses several notable key features that establish it as a prominent resource in the realm of perioperative care for adult surgical patients:


  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Cuidados perioperatorios uniquely integrates medical, nursing, kinesiology, nutrition, and other related disciplines, fostering a holistic approach to perioperative care.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Encompassing pre-, intra-, and post-operative phases, the book provides a thorough understanding of the entire perioperative process.


  1. Evidence-Based: The content is rooted in contemporary, high-quality evidence, ensuring readers have access to the latest advancements and best practices.


  1. Quality and Safety Emphasis: A central focus on quality management and patient safety underscores the importance of delivering secure and optimal care.


  1. Unique Authorship: Authored by renowned professionals from Chile and Spain, the book showcases the expertise of clinicians with significant scientific and clinical backgrounds.


  1. Patient-Centric Approach: The book prioritizes patient well-being, user experience, and overall healthcare team collaboration, elevating the patient’s journey.


  1. Integration of Special Populations: Specialized care for specific adult populations, including those with chronic conditions and older adults, highlights the comprehensive scope of the content.
Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)


  1. Interdisciplinary Teamwork: Cuidados perioperatorios promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and protocol-driven teamwork, aligning with contemporary healthcare practices.


  1. Guidance for Biomedical Information: Practical advice on seeking biomedical information and understanding informed consent and professional responsibilities supports effective decision-making.


  1. Continuum of Care: Emphasizing continuity, the book treats perioperative care as a seamless process, fostering optimal care transitions and outcomes.


  1. Chilean and Spanish Expertise: The book draws from the insights of professionals with extensive clinical experience and scientific knowledge from Chile and Spain.


  1. Promotion of Maximum Quality: The primary goal is to deliver the highest quality, safety, and well-being to surgical patients, elevating the overall standard of care.


  1. Educational Value:Cuidados perioperatorios” serves as an educational tool for anesthetists, surgical specialists, interventional procedure experts, and allied healthcare professionals.


In essence, “Cuidados perioperatorios” encapsulates an array of key features that collectively render it an indispensable guide for perioperative care for adult surgical patients.

Its interdisciplinary approach, emphasis on quality and safety, integration of specialized care, and commitment to patient well-being and collaborative healthcare practices make it a pivotal resource for professionals seeking comprehensive and up-to-date insights in the field.

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)

Cuidados perioperatorios (True PDF)


1.3. About Writer

Patricio Burdiles Pinto is a distinguished figure in the field of healthcare, renowned for his remarkable contributions and achievements.

With a distinguished career spanning years, Burdiles Pinto has significantly impacted the realm of medical practice and education.


A consummate professional, Burdiles Pinto’s expertise extends across various domains, encompassing medical research, patient care, and educational leadership.

His dedication to advancing healthcare practices and patient well-being has earned him accolades from peers and students alike.


Throughout his journey, Burdiles Pinto’s commitment to fostering excellence in healthcare has been evident in his roles as an educator, researcher, and clinician.

His contributions have played a pivotal role in elevating the standard of care and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Burdiles Pinto’s legacy is underscored by his unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes, promoting medical research, and enhancing medical education.

His remarkable achievements stand as a testament to his enduring commitment to the advancement of healthcare practices and his invaluable impact on the medical community.


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