Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)



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Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)


“Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),” and an updated and enhanced Kinesiology in Action work together to create an immersive, multimedia experience that tracks your progress until you’ve mastered the must-know primary concepts and principles of human movement and are ready to apply them in class, clinic, and practice. You’ll develop the foundational knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and technical competencies you need to understand kinesiology.

“Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),”  presents a very complicated topic in a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand manner. Bite-size sections and over 550 full color illustrations show how various anatomical systems are structured to help you identify and see the connections between them and how they work together to provide function.

Expanded! Emphasis on the biomechanical and kinesiological principles

Revised! Reorganization of content to make foundational information easier to understand and apply

New! Three types of tables in each extremity joint chapter, “Range of Motion for Osteokinematic Movements,” “Osteokinematic and Arthrokinematic Motions” and “Classification of Articular System and Arthrokinematic Characteristics”

Introductory chapters that present an essential foundation in body systems, terminology, and biomechanical principles

Well-designed charts that summarize companion movements and prime movers

Use of analogies to make concepts comprehensible and memorable

“Points to Remember,” “Summary of Muscles,” “Summary of Muscle Innervation,” and “Summary of Muscle Action” tables.

End-of-chapter review questions

Kinesiology in Action—Updated, Expanded & Revised! Fifteen online learning modules with a wealth of activities guide you step by step through the basic theory of joint structure and muscle action to ensure you understand normal function as a foundation for treating common pathologies of movement.

New! User-friendly, contemporary design and functionality

New! Exercises and activities to engage and challenge students

New! Videos for each joint module showing joint motion and functional activity, palpation points, and bony landmarks

Gradebook and class management tools to make it easy for instructors to monitor students’ progress and intervene to remediate

Introductory Video—overview of each module

Pre-Assessment—10 multiple-choice questions that record your results to your gradebook

Pre-Lab Practice—Labeling, coloring, matching, and muscle identification activities as well as flashcards, with all results recorded to your gradebook

Lab Activities—Critical-Thinking, Video-Based Lessons—60 all-new videos displaying palpation and joint motions

Post-Lab Assessment—10 multiple-choice questions that record your results to your gradebook

Video Library—134 videos in all, including 60 videos from the lab activities


Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)


1.2.Key Features

The key features of “Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),” include:


  1. Comprehensive Learning Experience: An immersive multimedia approach combining the textbook and online modules for a comprehensive understanding of human movement principles.
  2. Clear Presentation: Bite-sized sections and over 550 full-color illustrations in the “Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),” ok simplify complex anatomical systems, aiding in understanding their interconnections and functionalities.
  3. Emphasis on Biomechanical Principles: Expanded focus on biomechanics and kinesiological principles for a deeper grasp of fundamental concepts.
  4. Enhanced Organization: “Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),” Revised content layout for improved comprehension and application of foundational information in kinesiology.
  5. Interactive Online Learning Modules: Fifteen updated online modules featuring various engaging activities, videos, assessments, and gradebook functionalities for effective learning reinforcement.
  6. Videos and Lab Activities: Video demonstrations of joint motions, palpation points, and bony landmarks alongside lab activities for practical learning.
  7. Instructor Tools: Tools for instructors to monitor student progress, gradebook functionalities, pre- and post-assessment features, and a video library for enhanced teaching support.


Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)


1.3. About Writer

Lynn S. Lippert is a distinguished figure in the field of physical therapy education, renowned for her extensive contributions and expertise. With a robust background in physical therapy, Lippert has significantly influenced the education and training of physical therapists.

Her career encompasses various academic roles, where she has not only educated aspiring physical therapists but also authored seminal works in the field. Lippert’s dedication to advancing physical therapy education is evident through her impactful contributions to textbooks and resources utilized widely in academic settings.

Her expertise lies in simplifying complex topics, making them accessible to students, and providing a solid foundation for their understanding and practice in physical therapy. Through her invaluable contributions, Lynn S. Lippert has left an indelible mark, shaping the education and knowledge base of future physical therapy practitioners.


Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB)



“Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy, 7th Edition (EPUB),” authored by Lynn S. Lippert, presents a comprehensive exploration of human movement and anatomical structures. This edition delivers a sophisticated yet accessible understanding of kinesiology and anatomy, breaking down intricate concepts into easily digestible segments.

With over 550 full-color illustrations and bite-sized sections, the book elucidates anatomical systems, emphasizing their interconnections and functionality. The updated edition emphasizes biomechanical and kinesiological principles, offering reorganized content for enhanced comprehension.

Alongside the textbook, ‘Kinesiology in Action’ provides online modules with engaging activities, videos, and assessments, fostering a deeper understanding of joint structure and muscle action. Together, these resources equip students with foundational knowledge and technical competencies vital for excelling in the study and practice of kinesiology and human movement.



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