Evidence-based Management of Diabetes (EPUB)

Evidence-based Management of Diabetes (EPUB)



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Evidence based Management of Diabetes (EPUB)


The landscape of diabetes management is rapidly evolving, and “Evidence based Management of Diabetes”  offers a concise overview of various topics in this field.

This book provides a summary of subjects where robust evidence supports specific treatments, as well as areas with ambiguous or controversial evidence.

Whenever possible, treatment recommendations are based on available evidence and practice guidelines, emphasizing the need for further research where evidence is lacking.

Authored by internationally recognized experts in diabetes care, this book delves into the pressing issues impacting diabetes care today. It equips clinicians with state-of-the-art reviews, grounded in medical evidence, to ensure they are well-informed in delivering the best care to patients with diabetes.


Evidence based Management of Diabetes

Evidence based Management of Diabetes


1.2.Key Features

The key features of “Evidence based Management of Diabetes” include:


  1. Evidence-Based Approach: The book focuses on summarizing topics in diabetes management where there is strong evidence to support specific treatments. It aids clinicians in making informed decisions based on the latest medical evidence and practice guidelines.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage: “Evidence based Management of Diabetes” covers a wide range of issues related to diabetes care, providing insights into various aspects of managing the disease, including controversial or ambiguous areas that require further research.


  1. Expert Authorship: The authors are internationally renowned experts in diabetes care, ensuring that the content is reliable and up-to-date.


  1. Practice Guidelines: The book references practice guidelines and emphasizes the importance of adhering to evidence-based approaches in the clinical management of diabetes.


  1. Information Gaps: “Evidence based Management of Diabetes” highlights areas where there is a lack of conclusive evidence, encouraging further research to fill these knowledge gaps.


  1. Timely and Relevant: The content addresses the most pertinent issues currently influencing the practice of diabetes care, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals.


Overall, “Evidence based Management of Diabetes” provides clinicians with a practical and up-to-date resource for delivering effective diabetes care based on the best available evidence.


Evidence based Management of Diabetes

Evidence based Management of Diabetes


1.3. About Writer

Jiten Vora is a distinguished author and healthcare professional known for his significant contributions to the field of diabetes management and endocrinology.

With a background in endocrinology and a deep commitment to improving patient care, he has become a leading figure in the diabetes community.

Mr. Vora holds advanced degrees and certifications in endocrinology and has a wealth of clinical experience in managing diabetes and related conditions.

His work in research and writing has not only advanced medical knowledge but has also had a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals affected by diabetes.

Jiten Vora’s dedication to evidence-based practice and his ability to translate complex medical information into accessible resources for both healthcare professionals and patients have earned him a well-deserved reputation in the field of diabetes management.

His publications continue to serve as valuable guides for healthcare practitioners and individuals seeking to manage diabetes effectively.


Evidence based Management of Diabetes

Evidence based Management of Diabetes



“Evidence based Management of Diabetes” provides a comprehensive and concise overview of the rapidly evolving field of diabetes care.

Written by internationally renowned experts, this book synthesizes the latest medical evidence and practice guidelines to offer clinicians a well-informed approach to diabetes management.

It covers topics with established evidence-based treatments and addresses areas where ambiguity and controversy exist, highlighting gaps in current knowledge that warrant further research.

With a focus on the most pertinent issues in diabetes care, this book equips healthcare practitioners with the tools and insights needed to provide optimal care for patients with diabetes.

From well-established treatments to emerging practices, “Evidence-based Management of Diabetes” offers invaluable guidance to those involved in diabetes care, ensuring they stay at the forefront of evidence-based practice in this dynamic field.


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