Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)


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Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)

“Stay informed with up-to-date coverage of over 1,400 of the most commonly utilized drugs in clinical practice through the ‘Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB).

This essential resource is meticulously organized alphabetically by generic drug name, providing critical information for healthcare professionals.

“Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)” includes details such as common uses, mechanisms of action, dosages for both adult and pediatric patients, warnings/precautions, available forms, and notes on common side effects.

In addition, the reference provides concise summaries of FDA ‘Black Box’ precautions and contraindications, ensuring the safe and informed use of medications.

The book also categorizes medications by drug classification and encompasses natural and herbal agents.

Updated annually, it reflects the latest additions to the drug landscape, removals of discontinued medications, new formulations, and changes in approved usage, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare practitioners.”

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)

1.2.Key Features

The key features of the book “Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)” are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Drug Coverage: “Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)” provides up-to-the-minute information on more than 1,400 drugs frequently used in clinical practice, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to a comprehensive and current drug database.
  2. Alphabetical Organization: Drugs are organized alphabetically by their generic names, making it easy for users to quickly locate specific medications and access essential details.
  3. Critical Drug Information: For each drug, the reference includes information on common uses, mechanisms of action, dosages for both adult and pediatric patients, warnings and precautions, available forms, and notes on common side effects. This wealth of information aids in safe and effective medication management.
  4. FDA ‘Black Box’ Precautions: Summaries of FDA ‘Black Box’ precautions and contraindications are provided, offering crucial insights into high-risk medications and ensuring patient safety.
  5. Drug Classification: The reference categorizes medications by drug classification, aiding in the understanding of drug categories and their specific uses and properties.
  6. Inclusion of Natural and Herbal Agents: In addition to conventional pharmaceuticals, this resource covers natural and herbal agents, acknowledging the importance of alternative therapies and supplements in clinical practice.
  7. Annual Updates: The reference is updated annually to reflect changes in the drug landscape, including the introduction of new drugs, removal of discontinued medications, alterations in formulations, and updates to approved usage. This ensures that healthcare professionals have access to the most current information.
  8. Accessible EPUB Format: The book is available in EPUB format, making it compatible with various e-reading devices and platforms, offering convenience and flexibility in accessing critical drug information.
  9. Concise and Informative: The reference provides concise yet informative details about each drug, allowing healthcare practitioners to quickly access essential information when making clinical decisions.

These key features collectively make “Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)” an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and clinicians, providing them with quick and comprehensive access to essential drug information for safe and informed patient care.

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2014 (EPUB)

Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference

1.3. About Writer

Leonard Gomella, Steven Haist, and Aimee Adams are accomplished authors and medical professionals who have collectively contributed to the field of medicine and medical education.

Dr. Leonard Gomella, in particular, is a renowned urologist known for his expertise in prostate cancer and has authored numerous publications in this domain.

Dr. Steven Haist, a respected figure in medical education, has played a pivotal role in the development of medical training programs.

Aimee Adams, with her background in nursing and medical education, has made significant contributions to healthcare learning resources.

Together, they have co-authored educational materials, including medical textbooks, that have become invaluable resources for medical students and healthcare professionals.

Their dedication to advancing medical education and providing accessible and comprehensive learning materials has solidified their reputation as influential figures in the field.


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